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Disconnecting From Technology

Ever catch yourself every two minutes, checking your phone?
Text messages?
Missed calls?
Social media updates?

New posts of cute cats, playful puppies or plant babies?

I have it bad. And somedays it’s definitely worse than others. Especially when I have a deadline to meet or when my apartment needs cleaning.

Today I tried to go for 1 hour without turning the wi fi on.


Airplane mode, on.

Task, ready.

I made it to 48.35.

I realized that it hasn’t taken ‘us’ (the human race), that long to become hooked to our social media feeds, devices and just having ALL the information at our fingertips via our smart phones.

According to Business Insider, the term smart phone was first used in 1995, however, 3 years earlier, the Simon Personal Communicator had been invented. A whopping 15 years before Apple first released the iPhone.

If smart phones, (as we know them) came into existence in circa 2007, that’s only 12 years that we’ve had access to this technology. And books, where we used to retrieve all our information from, well, books have been around (there is debate as to what constitutes a book and for arguments sake, let’s say the oldest
book is the Etruscan Gold Book) since 600BCE, according to

Terminology has also changed. When I was a kid, a feed meant a really good, delicious, massive meal (perhaps also a NZ thing!). A laptop was the top of your lap, where you hold your book as you read it and if you wanted to learn about a specific topic, your Mum would buy you a Readers Digest encyclopedia.

Obviously, times have changed. and we now have more advanced technology. But does that also mean that we have become more lazy when it comes to searching for information?

To find answers to our questions, we now just tap into Google, and within seconds we can be provided with thousands of potential answers.

Disconnecting From TechnologyIt makes me wonder if anyone still goes to the library, searching along the rows and rows of books, to scour the index or contents page, flick through to the page that hopefully holds the answer to what you are looking for?

And does this also mean that we have changed the way our brain processes
information and how we used those research skills and transferred them to other areas of our lives? Problem solving, travelling and day-to-day communication come to mind.

Are the ‘old’ ways (of 25 years ago), still relevant? Have we just evolved, because of technology? Because now everyone has a compact computer in their back pocket? With links to the world of information at our fingertips?

Is the information the same information we would have found in an
Information is constantly being updated instantaneously, and new research
findings are now readily available online and so are the hard copies now obsolete?

And do we have information overload?
Does this make us more decisive in our decision making? Or does it create overwhelm, as we have so many more choices?

I love the fact that I can look online to find reviews and comparisons for mobile phones (for someone who is a little technology challenged, this is ideal!). It means that someone else has already done the work and all I have to do is evaluate what I want and compare it to the review. Makes my life a lot easier.

There is also my inner nerd that misses having / being forced to do the research into my options. And for sure, I could still do that.

It’s a matter of picking what I want to spend my time researching. And to be honest, while I love my phone (see beginning of this article), reading hundreds of reviews bores me to tears. And some of these technology words confuse the shit outta me.

And I did read a few reviews, AFTER I went instore and chatted to a few very helpful sales associates!
(There is more than one way to conduct research).

And, like all humans, I can be lazy and it’s ‘easier’ to use these reviews.

So I find myself asking, am I becoming lazy?

Or am I creating space in my mind and schedule, so I can be more creative? So I can build and design and craft new ideas?

Or does it mean that I have just gifted myself more time to waste time on social media or to play solitaire?

My task was to finish the first draft of this piece. FYI, I did that in 34 minutes. Finalizing it however, took a little longer!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. Leave me a note below!

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