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Randy Chu

What Yoga Teachers Really Think : A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Randy Chu

You know when you have one of those random conversations with someone that you kinda know, but not  really, and you end up finding someone who matched your own sense of humour and values? And matched your sassiness?

This happened one day after yoga class.

I’m pretty sure the first conversation was about how hard it is to meet people in Vancouver and to create genuine connections, especially at yoga studios.
We have since moved on to chicken strips, racism, yoga, and why there is little diversity within the yoga teacher community in this yoga-crazed city.

It wasn’t long before we were Facebook friends. The holy grail of friendship.

The first time I saw him outside of the studio, he was wearing jeans and a button-down shirt, I had to take a second look.
I barely recognized him without his signature uniform of a short sleeve tee in (various hues of) black and shorts.
I was shocked.
I mean, when he wasn’t teaching, didn’t he just meditate?

Our chats kinda became a thing. After class, we would have a giggle and then get on with our day. The conversations become louder and sassier, and that’s when we coined the phrase, Sassy Chats.
If I didn’t get my weekly dose of sass, it would throw my whole week out.
Something I wasn’t prepared to lose.

These chats were a huge influence on the reason why I want to share content. As a way in which we can engage and connect with other creatives, whilst sharing our individual forms of self expression.
And with laughter.

So, this is an offering of a glimpse into the workings of a creative mind.

An opportunity to connect and to be inspired.

And with this in mind, introducing Randy Chu.

(kp) Who is Randy Chu?
(rc) I’m just a curious guy, wanting to know the inner-workings of things.

(kp) What started you off on your Yoga journey?
(rc) Purely for the physical…everyone had these crazy defined arms that they attributed to their Yoga practice. I never did get those arms.

(kp) Why did you decide to start teaching Yoga?
(rc) I don’t remember ever aspiring to become a Yoga teacher…I took my first teacher training program as a way to deepen my practice. The opportunity did fall in my lap and I said Yes to it. I had the opportunity, as part of my teacher training program, to teach a few classes at the Yoga studio I studied at. My classes started getting busier than some of the other classes on the schedule, so the owner asked if I wanted to teach, and the rest is history.

Getting involved in teacher training as a faculty member was another story. Up until 2017, I was working full time at my corporate gig and teaching in the evenings and on weekends, so I never did consider myself a “real” Yoga teacher…whatever that means.
In 2014, I was asked to be involved with a teacher training program and immediately, that imposter syndrome set in. It took a lot of coaxing and I started small, leading one little section first…then took on more…and it was through that experience that I recognized my strengths and what I had to offer. In 2017, about a year after returning to Semperviva to teach (I had taught there years ago but stepped away due to my busy schedule), I was asked to be a part of their 200 hour teacher training program as a regular faculty member and without any hesitation, I said YES! I work with some of the most amazing people…we inspire one another, we hold each other accountable to be better, we laugh a lot…I’ve landed in
a great place with amazing people.

(kp) Words of advice for beginner or seasoned yogis?
(rc) Hahaha…my go to was to form a list of my pet peeves.
Do be on time.
Do go into the studio with an open mind.
Do listen to your body…you’re much wiser than you think/know…unless you’re a smart-ass, in which case, dial it back a notch.
Oh – and don’t put on lotion before heading into to class, you’ll slip and slide like a wet seal.

(kp) How do you think you are creative?
(rc) Teaching Yoga is kind of like choreography…so I get to use that creative part of my brain for that. In terms of training teachers, you try to come up with new and innovative ways to engage with your students.
As I watch myself and my peers, each time we deliver our teacher training content, we try to add something new to the mix…it’s both challenging and fun!

(kp) What makes creativity?
(rc) Hmmm…I think part of it is having a deep held belief that there is more than 1 way to do something…and also space…space to explore and experiment and space to dialogue about ideas.

(kp) Who were you, in this lifetime, before you were Randy Chu – Yoga Teacher?
(rc) I was a mid-20’s kid trying to figure things out…trying to find the words to articulate why I felt the way I felt…trying to reconcile my priorities against the priorities or expectations of others…trying to find some balance between my inner and outer atmosphere. Prior to teaching Yoga, I graduated from BCIT with
diploma in Marketing Communications and had worked for a few national companies in various roles. I thought I would stick to my corporate life until retirement and after 20 years, I realized it was not for me.

(kp) Who/what do you think you were in a past life? And why?
(rc) I don’t have moments of wisdom that come to me from out of nowhere, so that leads me to believe that I wasn’t terribly brainy in my past lives. Maybe I was a happy go lucky goldfish or something. Maybe I was the OG Nemo.

(kp) What makes you tick?
(rc) Injustice, imbalance, selfishness and inconsiderate behaviours…I can feel the tension in my body as I type these words.

(kp) If you were granted x3 wishes, what would they be?
(rc) Crazy defined arms.
More space.
20/20 vision.

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