about kate

There is nothing more exciting than watching someone's eyes light up when they talk about what they love and what they are excited about.

When we put these ideas into words, it's like we're giving them wings to take flight! Bringing clarity to your vision, identify any challenges, and tap into your unique knowledge and talents.

Fashion consultant


I’m Kate, an apparel industry professional with 20+ years of experience, who throughout my career, have had the privilege of working in start-ups, small businesses, global corporations, and even as a business owner, so I have seen the creative process, on varying scales.

These experiences have given me a holistic perspective, enabling me to offer valuable insights and strategies for growth and innovation, to you.


my skills and experience

My strengths are within the technical department such as design, technical development, product development, production, communication, and operations.

As a business owner, I have had to hone and learn other skills in order to be successful, including financial budgeting and records, sales, communication, marketing, time management and decision making.

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