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6 Essentials To Pack For A Week In NYC

There’s nothing I love more than planning a trip.

A new adventure.

Sometimes the destination doesn’t matter. It’s the exploration that piques me. 

It’s the getting up close and curious with a new city, new people and new sights, that makes my brain tingle.

For this trip, I am going back to a city I’ve been to before and while it is familiar, it’s also NYC. It’s a city where there are approx. 1.63 million people, and that’s not even counting the influx of tourists on a daily basis.

This is my kinda city. Where I can truly become anonymous. I can blend in and just go about my business. In my mind, I imagine myself staring gobsmacked at everyone, jaw hanging loose and eyes bulging, because there are just so many different races, cultures, styles and personalities.
On the outside I will be grinning like an idiot, saying hello to everyone and gorging myself on the sights, sounds and smells.

All that I left to do, is pack.
So what do you pack when you have an entire week in The Big Apple?
THE Fashion Capital of the World.

And I’m only taking carry-on. (At least on the way there!)

I just don’t want to be jostling with all the other 400+ passengers, who are also scrambling for their luggage in the rush to get out of the airport.

New York CitySo I LOVE NYC.
There is this buzz, this excitement, there are so many people and so much for the eyes to feast on and a lot to inspire and observe.
And then there are those little pockets where you can find calm and quiet. These pockets intrigue me.

I want to absorb all that this city has to offer. And then some.

With this in mind, I need to be comfortable, yes stylish (we are talking Manhattan), and most important of all, I just want to be me.

So, these are my 6 essentials items for a week in NYC.

suitcaseEssential #1 : Walking Shoes
My Converse. Comfortable for all-day exploring, from day into night. They work well with all other essentials, which is key.

Essential #2 : Jeans
I choose my black Levis. Great for a cooler day or if I’m out and about at night. And black, so they’re a little more dressy but still casual.

Essential #3 : A Black Dress
My all time favourite dress is from kateandfrances. The Emerson Side Pleat Dress. It travels with me everywhere. I can roll it into the smallest ball and wear it for daytime cruising and take it into the evening for a show or dinner and drinks.

Essential #4 : The Layering Top
The Kelsey Bulb Sleeve Top from kateandfrances. A boxy fit, with exaggerated fullness at the sleeve. Great for layering and keeping the chill off as it’s made from a merino blend.

Essential #5 : Jacket
One of my favourite trans seasonal pieces, is my LAB lightweight down bomber. It’s light enough that it rolls up to fit in my handbag, but warm enough for after the sun has set. It’s all about being versatile.

New York City here i comeEssential #6 : Printed Headscarf
For those days when the humidity is outta control, this bright African print
tames my hair and adds a splash of colour. It can also double as a belt or

It’s all about being able to mix&match and packing adaptable pieces.

So now, I’m good to go.

NYC here I come!

These are my essentials and I would love to hear how you pack for a
vacation or trip! Leave me a comment below!